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Hi i have taken out a sim only deal  on 20th May as my contract ends on the 6th June 23 a, The minimum contract period for your 24‑month handset plan ends on 6 June 2023.
You currently pay £20.76 per month

After 6 June 2023, you’ll continue to pay this amount ,I have paid £8 this month for my new contract(sim only )mat be you could explain why im paying two bills


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mat be you could explain why im paying two bills

You haven’t upgraded your existing account, you purchased a second Pay Monthly account.

You now have:

  1. Your existing pay monthly account which you failed to upgrade/cancel 
  2. Your new SIM only pay monthly account

Choose which one you want and cancel the other as per the terms and conditions of your contract. 

  I take it I have to cancel my existing contract  ,How do I go about it

To my last question I upgraded to a sim only deal through the upgrade system Im unable to contact I/D mobile to cancel my contract that's coming to an end in 6th June ,so do I just cancel my direct debit as I seem to be on a merry go round

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Hi @Dougie Alexander 


With your new SIM only plan have you been given a new mobile number?


As @WelshPaul suggests it sounds like you haven’t upgraded your current plan (which is what you’d want to do if you’d like to keep that number) it sounds like you’ve instead purchased a new plan entirely, which would be completely unrelated to the existing plan.


You may need to cancel the newly ordered plan and instead await SIM only upgrade options on the existing plan to become available. They’ll become available once the current contracted period is met.



Hi Tom I was told that I could keep my old Number and that I didn't need to activate my new Sim

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Hey @Dougie Alexander, this is correct if upgrading the old contract to a SIM only plan.

So you would replace the handset contract for that SIM with a new SIM only contract (upgrade).


What you have done is purchased a separate SIM only plan alongside your existing handset contract.

This means you have 2 conrcurrent contracts.

You cannot port an iD number from one plan to another.

You have 3 options:

  1. Cancel/return the SIM only plan (new contract) that you purchased, then correctly upgrade the existing handset contract to a new SIM only plan (upgrade)
  2. Cancel the handset contract and lose the number, then carry on with the new SIM only plan you purchased with the new number.
  3. Triangle port - Get a PAC code for the handset contract then port that out to a new network PAYG plan. Once done, port back into iD Mobile but onto the new SIM only plan you purchased so: iD (handset) --- Ported → New network PAYG ---- ported -→ iD SIM only

This last step is a bit more complex due to porting twice. Also in step b and step a you would need to register for a new self-care account and cannot re-use the email username from your old account.

Let us know if you have any questions or any help with performing any of the above and we’ll assist.



Hi I would like to cancel my contract  as this is all  i receive when trying to getting some help ( The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 3258281634204872238  so if someone would send me a pack code as Im going to look for another provider

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Hey Dougie,

You can simply text the words PAC to the number 65075 from the iD SIM card.

A PAC code will then be texted to you and you can give that to the new network provider who will port your number out.


Alternatively, you can even log into the iD app/account.

Click My Account  then End my plan and when asked if you want to keep your number, just select Yes.


Let us know how you get on and sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving.

If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know.



How do I end a SIM that was not activated that Im paying for

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All SIM’s are sent pre-activated. If you want to cancel, then speak to a live chat agent. If you’re having issues accessing the iD Mobile website, log out of the iD Mobile community and then access the iD Mobile website.

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Hi @Dougie Alexander 


As mentioned above by @WelshPaul all SIM cards are sent activated as they’re activated upon dispatch.


You’ll be able to end your plan via the iD Mobile app as @Mohammed has shown, the Live Chat as suggested or if you’d prefer we can get in touch and take a look, let us know if you’d like us to get in touch via community.