My Credit Check has been declined. What should I do?

  • 11 June 2024
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There are a number of reasons why your Credit Check may have been declined. Here’s everything you need to know: 


Why did my Credit Check decline?



  • Connection Limit

You can purchase a maximum of 2 iD Mobile plans every 3 months. If you’ve successfully purchased one iD Mobile plan and would like to purchase another, but have been declined, it may be because you’ve reached your connection limit. In this case, we recommend that you reapply for another connection after 3 months of purchasing your last connection. 

  • Incorrect or missing Information

Sometimes an error may flag up on our systems with the information provided, or some information required to complete the transaction maybe be missing.

  • Failed Credit Check

When you purchase an iD Mobile Pay Monthly Phone or SIM plan we’ll carry out a Credit Check.  If you do not pass our credit check criteria your application will be declined, and we recommend that you reapply no less then 3 months after your failed application.

  • Failed Security Check

If you’ve passed the credit check stage, we’ll also carry out a security check; this security check takes in to consideration many factors, and is in place to protect you the consumer and ourselves against any potentially fraudulent activity. If you failed this stage we may require you to send in proof of identity.


In each instance, you’ll receive an email from us after your ‘Order Confirmation’ email, giving you a reason as to why the application was declined and next steps, if any.


Who should I contact about my Credit Check?


Our Live Chat team are unable to provide any additional information about your credit check if it is declined. If you have any questions on your credit check, please contact Equifax PLC, the credit reference agency we use. 

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