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Data Roaming

  • 10 June 2022
  • 3 replies

I am new to ID mobile last week.

Just checked my plan and I have exceeded my plan limits.

Even though I have unlimited data.

Normal bill is £45 and bill already up to £85

It states 4mb roaming at £41

Any ideas

3 replies

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Hi @POV7, in which country were you roaming?


Thank you,


I wasn’t, 

only thing I can think of is I work offshore and it’s auto connected to tampnet without my knowledge before I managed to put plane mode on. 
if so I’ve had it and will have to pay the bill.


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Hi @POV7,

That will certainly be the reason for the charges. To avoid future charges you can set your bill cap at £0 so you aren’t charged anything extra.


Let us know if you require further information.






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