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failed to send text message while abroad

  • 6 January 2019
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My phone won't send texts. I have unlimited text and I tried to send a text message to a UK number when I was in Spain but it failed to deliver. I've tried to do a manual roam to make phone reconnect to id network; turned it off and on; and tried flight mode. And it still not sent. iMessage is working for me, just the normal text message.
Anyone got any suggestions please?

2 replies

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Hi @Sal,

iMessage uses the data connection or WiFi connection, so if it only works when you're on WiFi, then there is a networking issue here.

Which network are you connected to currently? We'll check to see if this is on our supported list of networks within Spain.

Also, if you visit your phone settings, go to General and then to Reset, you should see Reset Network Settings. Press this and then it will restart your phone and connect to the best network. Let me know what happens.

If your SMS messages aren’t working while abroad, you can try turning on the ‘international’ toggle inside the ‘services’ tab of the iD mobile app.

I hope this helps


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