How much is the maximum data amount in Roaming for example Bulgaria?

  • 17 March 2021
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How much is the maximum data amount in Roaming for example Bulgaria?

3 replies

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Hello @Nascox,

Bulgaria is part of our Inclusive EU Roaming and so using your service there carries no extra charge as long as it’s your inclusive allowances, e.g. calls to UK Mobile numbers, landlines or calls to Bulgaria landline/mobile numbers (when roaming).

Same for texts and Data usage.


MMS for example is not included in your plan so it would cost you the Roaming rate if you did send an MMS.

You originally made your topic in the PAYG section and I’ve since moved this to the International & Roaming section.

It’s worth mentioning that the roaming rates for Bulgaria (for out of plan usage) differ based on PAYG or PAYM. If you’re on a 30-day /12-Month contract SIM, then this will be charged at that rate. PAYG is a separate rate.


As for the answer to your question regarding the maximum amount of data, I take it you mean the most you can use whilst Roaming in Bulgaria as part of your plan?

For Bulgaria, or any country on our  Inclusive EU Roaming list, using your data is part of your plan so won’t cost anything.

We do however, have a Fair Usage Policy in place to prevent the abuse of this service. This depends entirely on the plan you’re on.

You would need to head to the Fair Usage Policy page and input your data and the cost of the plan. 

This will then tell you if there is an Open Data Limit on your plan.

If there’s no limit, you can use all your data in any Inclusive EU Roaming at no extra cost.

If there is one in place, it’ll tell you exactly how much you can use as part of your plan and what the charge would be for additional usage.


I would like to re-iterate that this only applies to countries on our Inclusive EU Roaming. If you’re in a non-inclusive destination or a country not on this list, you can head to this page to find out exactly how much it will cost to use your services abroad.


I hope I’ve been able to answer your question, feel free to mark this as Most Helpful if this is the case, but if you do have any further questions, just let us know.




Thank you for your explaining, I also would like to know if I have unlimited data plan that means that I am using unlimited in Bulgaria or thede is some limitation in gigabytes?



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Hi @Nascox,

Depending on your plan, there may be limits. You can view the limits of your plan when you are roaming by visiting our fair usage policy page found here.