Roaming allowance - how do I see what's left

HI ID hive, 


I went to Italy less than a month ago and I’m now in Belgium and can’t seem to have any roaming allowance left (as my bill cap is £0 and I can’t use my phone out and about without wifi). 


I’m convinced I haven’t used my total allowance of 30GB in Italy but I can’t see where I can view how much I used in Italy (as the bill. hasn’t come out yet). 


Before I buy an add on I want to make sure I’m not missing something. Does anyone know where I can view how much I used / if I used the full 30GB in Italy? 


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Don’t think an add-on is an option if you’ve used-up your 30GB roaming data allowance in the current billing cycle, @Caroline Schreiber

You might be charged £3/GB for any roaming data usage beyond the 30GB, if your iD account bill cap is high enough. 

If your handset supports eSIM devices, a data-only eSIM might be a better option.

Have you tried the online Live Chat for assistance?
The iD chatbot works 24/7 - the iD advisers work until 8pm on weekdays.


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Hi @Caroline Schreiber 


Do you have data tracking set up in your device? This may help you identify how much data is being used, you may also be able to use the iD Mobile app to track data usage.