Roaming in Thailand

  • 14 May 2024
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Hi I’m going on holiday to Phuket in a couple of weeks. Obviously this isn’t one of the countries I can use my phone free. Do you have a package that can be added at all please?




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Alas @Suemo63, iD Mobile don’t have a bundle or package to use for roaming in Thailand. 

Perhaps consider using a data-only eSIM for Thailand, or purchase a local SIM card when you arrive in Thailand. 

For Thailand, iD charge £1.50/MB for roaming mobile data - 10MB/day = £15, 100MB/day = £150.
Ouch! 😫   


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Ah thanks for that. I won’t be using my ID sim then😊

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Ah thanks for that. I won’t be using my ID sim then😊

Text messages are free to receive in Thailand, so if your iD account bill cap was £0, you’d get text messages and nothing else would work.



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Hi @Suemo63 


As suggested by @andewhite we unfortunately don’t offer any such roaming bundles, to avoid costs while there, we’d recommend setting a bill cap on your account.



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Hi @Suemo63,

It looks like your question has been answered.

Please get back in touch if you require further assistance.



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Thanks all 😊

@Suemo63 hi if someone calls your UK number while you’re in Thailand does it still ring? Even if you have a Thai eSIM?