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Unable to receive text messages whilst abroad

  • 17 February 2020
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Why its important: I am unable to receive text messages whilst abroad, especially important confirmation text messages ie from my bank so that I can access my account, or when setting up new apps.  

Handset/Device: Lenovo K520

Issue Specific: I don’t receive the confirmation codes via text message and am unable to access my apps. Roaming, International and Premium are all switched on and I have unlimited texts on my plan. 

When?/Where?: I have received texts whilst in the UK, but since using my sim card here in Singapore, I cannot receive any messages. I also cannot send any messages.

How can I receive text messages whilst abroad in SIngapore?

19 replies

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Hello @smurflock,


Sorry to hear you are having issues whilst Roaming in Singapore.


Receiving texts is always free, no matter where you are (as long as we provide service there), but sending texts can carry a charge.


For Singapore, it’s not one of our inclusive destinations.


Therefore you are billed:

£6.00 per minute for calls to UK & Singapore

£1.50 per minute for calls received

£1.20 for each SMS sent to UK or Singapore numbers

60p per MMS message sent

£9.60 per MB of data used.


Are you currently showing as connected to any networks at all?


Try running a manual network search.


For Singapore, we support the following networks as our Roaming partners:

Star Hub




Thanks but that doesn't answer my question.

I'm showing as iD for the network.

The problem is that I am not receiving confirmation SMS messages eg if my bank texts me a login code so that I can confirm and access my bank account, I do not receive that SMS. So I am locked out of my account.

If I'm trying to set up a new app that needs my mobile number to confirm, I do not receive the confirmation SMS. I cannot set up my account on the app.

Please help!

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Hello @smurflock,


We don’t have an iD network in Singapore so this should be what’s causing this.

If you are not connected to a network to receive services, then you won’t receive the text, regardless of other settings being enabled.


Apologies for any misunderstanding there.


Are you still abroad or in the UK?

If you’re now in the UK and having this issue, it’s different, as you should be on the iD network and other services should work fine, but just an issue with receiving the text codes.


If you’re still abroad, please can you run a manual network search and then connect to one of the above networks.


As advised above, making calls and sending texts as well as using data carry a charge and so you will be prevented from using these if the cap has been reached or a £0.00 cap is in place.


Receiving texts is free and this should not be an issue if you are connected to a network.


Let us know how you get on and if it’s still not working, please take a screenshot of your home-screen so we can better understand what your service is showing.



Ok, I’m still abroad and there is no option to do a manual network selection, only auto select and it says ‘error searching for networks  - no networks found”. Auto select network just adds iD. I cannot choose any local networks. (screenshot attached)


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Hello @smurflock,


That’s very odd indeed. 


You don’t appear to be connected to any Roaming networks or able to access services.

When you turn off the Automatic network selection and you’re seeing the “Warm Prompt” note, select OK and do any networks turn up in the results? Or are you advising that nothing is showing?


I’m struggling to understand what may be causing this.

Could you try putting your SIM in another device at all? 



That's correct, there are no networks that can be selected. Just auto select and then iD comes up.

Don't currently have access to another phone to test SIM card, but it was working fine for me in the UK, using the same phone

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Hello @smurflock,

Thanks for that.


We’ll need to raise this to our TechTeam to look into further here.


Please can you email us so we can get this raised?

Please include your:


  • Full name
  • Full address with postcode
  • Mobile number
  • Date of birth


Include a link to this topic/your Community username smurflock



Thanks . Done

Hi there, was your issue resolved? I have a similar problem!! 

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Hi @Alicianewn,

We can certainly take a look at the issues that you are having.

Could you please confirm what the problem seems to be and we will try out best to get to the bottom of it.



Hi @Kash 

I am having a similar problem in Hong Kong - I wonder if you can help? I was connected to a network here in HK with my iD sim (I’m not sure which network it was - I didn’t check while it was working), and was receiving text messages normally, until yesterday, when I lost the ability to connect to any network. I’ve tried to connect manually, but all of the available network options have “(Forbidden)” next to their names.
Any ideas what’s going on or how to fix this?

it is obviously widespread and not specific to a user or a country. please escalate this to your technical teams immediately 


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Hi @Delmurphy,

We’re sorry to hear about that! When in Hong Kong, you should be able to select either “3” or “3 Dualband” in order to use the roaming services. If you log into your account, can you ensure that there are no roaming bars enabled?

@rehanm10, which issues are you facing? The problem isn’t widespread from what we can see as we have many users currently abroad and this post will only ever show customers who have individual issues you see.


Hi @Ryan 

thanks for your reply - just to confirm, you’re saying that my roaming feature should be turned off (but my international feature left on) - is that correct?
I’ve just tried that but still can’t see 3 or 3 Dualband in my available networks. It might be a lack of signal in my flat - I’ll try in a different location later - but it did work fine here up until a few days ago.

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Hi @Delmurphy, roaming should be on too.



@Ryan  I dont receive any text message whereas I sending text msgs and both incoming/outgoing calls are fine

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Hi there @rehanm10 

We’ll send you a private message here now to take a few further details.  We’ll have our Tech Team look into this issue you’re having with receiving texts in Hong Kong.


Hi I am unable to receive text messages abroad I am trying to get a confirmation text and can’t receive it on if was the loop closed on this chat with regards to a method of obtaining it?


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Hello @Deji,

Which country are you in?

Have you got Roaming turned on in the iD account as?

Are you connected to a network, if so, which network?





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