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I’m trying to end my contract as i know I’m coming to the end of it as I’m being encouraged to upgrade. I want to leave ID but keep my number. I have been informed of how much it will cost to leave but instead of going down as I am paying my contract off, it seems to be going up? I know I need to give 30 days notice but I have no idea when my contract ends but I also don’t want to be a charged an early leaving fee. Any help please? 


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Okay @Jessicarlucy, if you text “INFO” to 85075 you should get an SMS from iD with any charges due if you leave iD Mobile now. 

Divide the early termination fee by your normal monthly payment for a idea of how long you’ve got until the minimum term of your contract ends.

If you give iD 30-days notice to cancel, you’ll be disconnected from the iD network after the 30-days. Once disconnected you’ll not be able to use the number you want to keep anymore.



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Hi @Jessicarlucy 


If you’re planning to leave iD Mobile and take your number elsewhere, you’ll be able to use either the above “INFO” to 85075 or “PAC” to 65075.


INFO to 85075 would give your early termination fee.


PAC to 65075 would give your early termination fee as well as your PAC code which would be used to move your number to another network.


If using a PAC code, you won’t need to give a 30 day notice, when using the PAC code the receiving network will arrange disconnection of the network you’re moving from.