How to close account? No longer know phone number, left the Uk permanently, still being billed from account not used since 2019


I am trying to close my ID mobile account, opened and used for a few months in 2019. I no longer have the sim card, can’t find a trace of what my ph number used to be (so unable to login), and have been under chemotherapy treatment for most of the last nearly four years.

During this time, ID mobile keeps sending me a bill for £5 every month, and there does not seem to be a way to contact them to stop this. The contact number does not work from overseas, I can’t find a alternative contact method, and the chatbot just goes in circles.

How can I end this contract? 

Thanks in advance.


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Okay @Celia Alicante, if you can, I’d suggest using Facebook Messenger or X (formerly Twitter) to send a private message to iD customer care. Probably easier and quicker to do this, than using this online forum. 


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Hey there @Celia Alicante


Have you managed to get in touch with us to resolve this, or do you still require assistance?


Thank you,