Is ID mobile / Curry is run by bots, blocking datas and roaming in france/spain

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I am upset and appauled  ID mobike do not have human customer service so stucked without essentials apps in europe.

I am on a contract with ID mobile  with 30gb roaming allowances. When I entered france, ID mobile send me a rate advice roaming text althrough when i looked at my account, it show my service was served by the id mobile network and the unused datas was 69 gb in my credit. No issue accessing my datas, calls, text. 6 days later i received the same text, no issue again again large data credit on my account and cover under an ID mobile network in France, datas worked perfectly until even in remote area until ID mobile send me another roaming text 10 days later and decided to block only my data,  my account now showing 25Gb of roaming credit, texts and calls worked which i cannot used.

The complaint is : it is impossible to connect with an human at id mobile to ask for help. Either in App or online, ID mobile send you to Ai automated services and put barriers for help. There is no phone number to call customer service or direct easy access to them. Only App and chat which are run by Ai automated service so send you in loops, advices that do not respond to individual issues with ID mobile. 

So I am stuck without internet for a week now which mean no maps to navigate and access to essential apps which all run on low datas, should work easily with 30gb credit and I need urgently as a vulnerable customer. 

If by chance this post is mysteriously read by a human at curry or id mobile, this has nothing to do with the local network, my phone or sim card. YES i have done all the steps your Ai chat advices, YES there is a good network here YES i have datas in credit YES the sim card work.

It still no work because It is clear it come from an id mobile bot who put a block on my id mobile data around the 26/5/24, after the id mobile last text althrough my account show 25gb in credit. 

Please id mobile remove your block so i can use the datas i have paid and can travel safely.

It is pointless to have a contract if i cannot used. If i dont hear from you in person, cannot help, respond to my complaint asap, i will write to the service ombusman, of couse, i will cancelled my id mobile contract at my return and ask for a refund. 

This is an official complaint. 

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Hi @Rico,

Welcome to the Community!

Sorry to hear about the issues that you experienced.

I would advise calling our dedicated Vulnerable Customer Team on  0800 049 2376.

The number provided is the quickest way to get assistance.

However if you would like us to PM you please let us know.



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ID dedicated vulnerable customer line do not help

be very wary to call they will pray on vulnerability  to sell you useless add on extra each time

dont deal with vulnerability, help to sort things ouy only sell sell



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Hey Rico, we’re sorry to hear you’ve had this experience with us.


We certainly wouldn’t pray on people’s vulnerability, the vulnerable customers line is there for the complete opposite, to help customers with vulnerabilities and to provide the best support possible. We’re sincerely sorry if you felt this way.


Also, if you’re looking to make a complaint, or already have, I’d also recommend calling our complaints team directly via the phone-number below:


0800 049 2402


Thank you,




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I have called with great difficulties both and they have the same reply, pay more, charged more. The ID vulnerable team is badly or not trained at all. Plus calls last hours, no email to send complaints , now Id mobile have send me 2 bills for same months for £18… and £38.., for service i never used and misold by vulnerable team add on that i could not use causing even more stress. 

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Hey there @Rico, we’re sorry to hear that and sorry to hear you feel this way.


If you’d like to make a complaint about the level of customer service you’ve received, and for further assistance, you can do so below:




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Id should know that I have already raised a complaint 412173055.  Please follow up this one instead of asking me to open another complaint.


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Hi @Rico 


We’d recommend getting in contact with the complaints team about a complaint you’ve already made.