New SIM Deals for Existing Customers

  • 22 July 2020
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My pay monthly SIM-only plan includes unlimited texts, 500 mins and 9 GB data for £8 per month, however there is a new SIM deal at unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 10 GB data for £8.  Is it possible for me to upgrade my current plan for free or do I need to order a new SIM and transfer my number?

Please help!

6 replies

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Hi there @Visitnay 

We wouldn’t be able to move one iD Mobile number to another active iD Mobile account, so we’d definitely not advise you to order a new SIM unless you’re happy with losing the old number.


With the SIM you have already, if you log in to that account using the iD Mobile App or our website, is the deal you’re looking at showing as an option in the Plan Change area?

id mobile con for upgrade customers. better deals for new customers



£6 sim only deal from carphone warehouse is 3gb data

for upgrade customers is 2gb data this is con. 

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Hi @danys 


Sometimes it’s better to upgrade, other times it’s best for new customers. It’s not a con, just a market that changes quickly and works hard to benefit everybody at some point.


Cheers for the feedback though.



It’s bloody annoying though let’s face it. I work for a telecoms company that does exactly the same thing. Only offers existing customers much worse deals than new customers. Deliberately. And the difference is often astronomical. The sim only deals you are currently offering me are awful compared to those for new customers. So what’s the rationale for that? A highly competitive market you say? Well, every company can offer me a deal as new customer. It’s only ID Mobile that have the chance to keep this particular customer and save yourself the cost of marketing and new customer SAC costs. And what’s the result? You offer me a deal for £22 that you are offering new customers for £10. Can’t seem to talk to anyone so I guess I will have to leave. It’s either that or let you take me for a complete mug.

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Hi @Irritated23 


If you would like to speak with our Sales/Upgrades Team they can be contacted on 0800 049 0250.



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