Transfer number from one ID sim to another

I have two id sims, because the offer for a new customer was better than for an existing customer to upgrade (why do you still insist on doing this?).

However, I now cannot transfer the number from one card to the other. According to other queries “we don’t know of any provider who can do this” and “maybe you could start a sim only pay as you go with another provider and then transfer the number, and then transfer it back to ID”.

I was just thinking, though, why don’t you just let me have the rolling month by month £6.00 for 4Gb that I could have had as a new customer, as an upgrade? Because as far as I can see, that works, and any other provider would be able to do the same.

What do you think/



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Hi Jeremy,

Yes, it is correct that you cannot port your number from one iD SIM to another. You will now have two separate plans with us. It may be worth seeing on your iD app to see what plans are available for you to change to, and cancel the new plan.

It is correct what you have mentioned about porting to a Pay As You Go or different network SIM, then back to iD. This is known as a triangular port, and isn’t something we would really recommend as it can be quite complicated.

You can check what upgrade options are available to you here -

Thank you Sian.

I will cancel the new plan.

I know what the upgrade options are. The upgrade I wanted was a one month contract because I am already on a 1 month contract. I found it offered to non-ID customers. But ID will only allow this as a 12 month contract as I am already a ID customer. I tried to find a work around. It doesn’t work. I have wasted time and money, both mine and ID’s. All that could be saved if ID just treated existing and new customers equally.

The other option, that you didn’t mention, is to move to a different network. I had found even cheaper offers than ID’s out there, but I thought I would stay with ID. Oh well.

So I will also cancel the existing plan, and the others of my family, and take my business elsewhere. Possibly to a network that allows my family’s accounts to be managed in one place - which I see ID have claimed for at least two years they are looking into, but still not done.

Thanks again


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We can take your details and see what plans are available for you to switch to if you like?