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Have gone in store today to query upgrade that we apparently had last May for three phones on contract.  We didn't authorise upgrade or receive new phones? We were in lockdown and we always go in store to look ? The assistant in shop today said we did it online.... we haven't, or signed for any new phones?? We only knew about this as we were upgrading two other phones (we have 5 phones in total on contract) and thought we'd check ours?? I would like to speak to someone to resolve this as we would either like the upgraded phones or cancel the contracts? (Which is what we would of done last May, if given the option, as deals better elsewhere) we've always had very good service from you so hopefully this can be sorted out. Thanks. Sara

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Hello Sara,


Sorry to hear this, hopefully we can get to the bottom fo this for you!

As I understand, you have a total of 5 phone contracts with us? Or is this a mix of SIM only deals and phone plans?

Are they all in your name? Or I suspect some in your name and some in your partners or any other family members?

3 of these contracts have been upgraded according to the store and you have no knowledge of this nor have you received any devices?

When you log into the iD app/account of each of these contracts, what plan shows for them? Is this the plans you agreed to originally or do they now show a different plan you have not chosen?





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Yes we have 5 phone contracts with you all under phone plans.

We were unaware of three of these phones being upgraded last May and had no new phones.

Today we have looked at the plans and to our knowledge they are the same plans, slightly more expensive due to id uping monthly fee (which I understand) so the plan/contract we originally took out?

All the contracts are in the name Jason Hancock. 

The issue we have is that we were looking to upgrade (as we haven't upgraded since we originally had these phones two years ago) or cancel depending on what deals we could get, but to be told today in store that we apparently had done this May last year (which we didnt)

If we are stuck in this contract, through no fault of our own, then we would like the upgraded phones of our choice .....ideally we would like to cancel, which is what we would of chosen to do as there are better deals around. 

As you can appreciate, five phones under contract is costly, so we would like the best deal we can get. 

As I've said we've always had great service, and why we have continued to renew and add phones over the years, so this was a bit of a surprise! 






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Thanks for clearing that up for us Sara, I’m sure we will be able to get to the bottom of this here.


Is it possible you ask Jason to make an account on the Community (like you have done) and get him to reply to this thread?


We can then send him a private message and pick this up with him. This is because you’ve advised the accounts are in his name, so for security reasons we’d need to speak to him.

We’ll be sure to get the message sent over to him and pick this up once he’s messaged here and hopefully sort this out or at least provide some information on the purchases, as you can understand, without accessing the accounts,we only have general information we can provide.



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Yes I will do that now


Thanks for yourhelp


Adding myself to this thread as requested 

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Good morning 

We still haven't had any messages to Jason regarding this issue? Is anyone dealing it?

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Hi @Saragizmo 

A Private Message has been sent to @Jasongizmo now. To view the message sent, simply click on your profile icon and select Private Messages.