App doesnt recognise mobile number and DOB


The app is not recognising my mobile number or date of birth?

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Hi @Rich26,

Welcome to the Community!

I can see that we have send you a PM.

Please get back to us via PM and we will assist you further.



Hi I am also having the same issue 


Were you able to resolve it?

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Hi @protocol77 


Do you still require assistance with this?


Have you tried on both the app and the website?


If so, please let us know here so we can get in touch.


For quicker support, it may be worth contacting Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter.



I am also having the same problem it asked me to put in Mobile number then tells me it doesn't recognise my surname? 

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Hi @Louise w,

Are you trying to register or have your registered already?

I would advise visiting the article below for further assistance.

If you are having issues, I would advise contact our Live Chat Team and they can check it out.

Please do get back to us here if you require assistance.



The app says my details don't match its records. I've tried the app and the website: neither work. I've read that article, which doesn't help and sends you to a Web page that also doesn't accept my details. Your live chat is with an ai that doesn't understand the first sentence in this message, or another 4 attempts at rephrasing the problem statement. This is really, really poor. If you're going to cut live, human support you really have to make sure the replacement works. Please help.