I have for a long time been unable to top up my PAYG account either online or on the app. It is so frustrating; I end up using/asking for WIFI wherever I go, or I am stranded without data. THIS HAS BEEN FOR MONTHS NOW! I was able to recharge until March, and since then it has stopped. THIS IS FRUSTRATING! I have tried online chat also, the agents know nothing. DO SOMETHING PLEASE!

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Hi @trupsster 


Please could you give us a little more information as to what happens when you attempt to top up?


Do you get an error?


Have you made sure that all details we have in the app match that of the details with your bank? (Name, address etc)



Same for me. All details are correct. Down to 0.03p

Hi Tom,

Yes, all my details match with my bank account. The online chat person too asked me the SAME question, and then proceeded to say, ‘I dont know’. She topped up my account by way of apology. Thanks, grateful for it, but what use is it after 1 month?! Do I need to go through it again given that I STILL CANNOT RECHARGE ONLINE? When I go out, I sometimes end up taking my husband’s mobile just so that I remain reachable. DO SOMETHING PLEASE. 

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Great. I managed to top up £5 but it’s not showing despite me getting the message saying it had been added.


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Hey there @Mark McDonald & @trupsster we’re sorry to hear you’re both having issues with topping up still.


If the issues persist, we’d recommend contacting our live-chat who can look into your account and discuss/investigate further with yourselves:


Thank you,