cant log on to mt account online or on app

  • 13 June 2024
  • 5 replies

I’m trying to log on to my account online and on the app but it’s just keep saying “sorry your details do not match our records”  I’ve tried multiple times but keep getting the same answer so can’t log in at all. 

5 replies

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Evening @Gabriela Oliveira,

Please refer to the following article for help with this error:



If you have followed all the steps and still cannot log-in, please reply to this thread. We will follow up with a Private Message to verify your account, and will pass the details onto the App team to investigate.


Thanks for the reply. But it still is not working :(

I also cannot login into my account 

Pls how do I go about it because I need to update my bank details 

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Morning @Harriet Adjetey,

Have you tried the steps above? Also, updating your Direct Debit details currently isn’t working in the iD Mobile app, a fix is on its way. Please call 0800 049 2376 for this specific action.