error when submitted PAC code

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I am receiving an error when trying to submit my O2 PAC code to switch to ID mobile. I have received a text from ID confirming they have received my request but it still hasn’t been done on the date that was selected. I have tried again and the error is still coming up. I have tried to contact someone via  the live chat but have been told it is too busy 


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Hi @laurenlovelock 


What date was the port to due to complete?


Are you still having this issue?



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Hello, I went through to complaints and it has now been resolved 

thank you

I’m having the same PAC code error problem 

Changing browsers, private or incognito or blocking pop ups does not help

Frustrating as l have been trying since yesterday and l have just realised that it affects a lot of new comers into the iD network. Which brings my other question? Why is iD not solving this perennial issue?

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Hi @Sibu,

Sorry to hear that you are also having issues.

Please contact our Live Chat Team HERE if you are still having issues.