I can't log on with the new App, and all the links to the website logon pages are broken....

  • 14 June 2024
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I can’t log on to the new App.

Various issues,

     This is (at least) my second time of leaving and returning to ID mobile

                   Because of this my actual email address is already ‘Taken’ by me, and so I cannot use my own email address for my account with ID mobile because someone else (me) has already used it in the past…..

So, I was told by an ID mobile staff member to add a 1somewhere in my email address and log into my account, and at the time, this did  not matter, as ID mobile did not require a verification of the email address in order for it to be registered.

Now we have a new app, and I think it requires access to the given email address in order to activate the app on your phone.  I cannot do this because I do not have access to the given email address. And I cannot get access to it either (I have tried)

2nd issue.

When I rejoined ID Mobile I brought my number with me, and I am not 100% sure that my new number has been registered properly on the system.  So again, when I am trying to log in, do Iuse my current number, or does it expect me to use the original number which came with the SIM I was sent (which I have no idea of now?)


3rd issue,

I have 2 sims in this situation, (they use different email addresses), so I need this situation sorting out 2x….

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Hi @Charlie Gill 


Sorry to hear this, do you still require assistance with this?

Please let us know if so so we can get in touch.

We’ll be able to get in contact with you to assist here, or for a quicker service, we’d recommend using the Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter.