Problems transferring to iDMobile

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Monday 3rd June 2024

I am in the process of changing my O2 mobile number to iD mobile and want to keep my number. I  sorted my PAC code and successfully got my iD mobile number.

Tuesday 4th June 2024

I waited yesterday for the confirmation that my old number would be live by 10.00pm as expected. Nothing happened. I sent my PAC code etc well before 5.30pm on Monday.

Wednesday 5th June 2024

Now at 11.15pm I am still waiting! Could someone advise when this will be sorted please?

Can anyone solve this problem please - I need my original number back asap. 

Jacqui Davies

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Hi @HappyGoth 


Sorry to hear this, are you still having issues with this?


If so, please let us know so we can get in touch and take a look.


For a quicker service, we’d recommend the live chat.



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Hi Tom. You’ll be pleased to hear that the issue I was having has now, eventually, been sorted. Thanks for your help. 


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We’re very glad to hear @HappyGoth, thanks for letting us know!


Kind regards,