2 contracts on 1 account

  • 9 April 2021
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I have a current account for my son as sim only and have just taken out a new pay monthly phone contract for my daughter.  When i go on the app i can only see my sons account but not my daughters.  I cannot transfer her old number from an existing phone provider to the new Id mobile account.  It wants to change my sons existing number to my daughters old number on the app??   Help please?


3 replies

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Hello @Muggie1,

You’ll need to register a new iD account for your daughter's number.

This will require a different email to be used for the username.

You can then log-in and submit the port once registered and also update the contact email in the account just incase you don’t use that email regularly.

This will only change the contact email, but the username to log-in to your daughters account will always remain the other email.




Unfortunately i did not realise that i would need to have 2 separate account.  I have somehow changed my sons existing phone number on the existing SIM only account on the app to my daughters current phone number.  We used a PAC code from Vodafone which has allowed me  to change the phone number on y sons account to her existing number, which i did not intend to do?  How do i change my sons number back please?  Then do i just set up a separate app for my daughter, as suggested by you above, then change her phone number using the PAC code?  Sorry, i thought i would have 2 accounts with ID mobile on the one app?


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Hi @Muggie1,


If you replaced your Sons existing number with your daughters, does that mean you now have just the one account with us at the moment (your son’s line with your daughters number on it).


So what you’re after is setting up a new line, with the number on it that was lost when porting in your daughters number, is that correct?