accidental duplicate add-on purchase

  • 3 June 2021
  • 3 replies

I recently purchased an add-on. When I first confirmed the purchase, a message displayed on my screen saying my connection had failed. I went to purchase again and I have now been charged twice! How can I get one of the duplicates removed and refunded? Thanks.

3 replies

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Hi @AphraB 

We will send you a Private Message now to help with removing one of the add ons and refunding you. To view the message sent, simply click on your profile icon and select Private Message.


Hi Mohammed,

I wanted to purchase 1x 3GB of data for one month. Instead I have accidentally purchased this add on twice. 
Both payments are confirmed and both add pjs can be seen on my account. 
Thanks, Aphra 

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Hello @AphraB 

Which add-on did you purchase can you confirm?

Do both payments show as having been taken or as pending?

How many add-ons can you see in the app?