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Adding second phone number to my ID account

  • 2 October 2018
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My son's mobile phone is on an ID account, which I control and monitor via the app. I have just got my daughter a mobile phone, which is also on an ID account and I need to be able to control and monitor this also, as I do for my son.
How can I add my daughter's phone to the existing account? If this cannot be done, how do I set up a second account to monitor her phone usage - without using a different mobile number?

5 replies

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Hi @AMGolding,

Each iD mobile contract requires it's own account so you will need to set up a second account I'm afraid. When doing so, you'll need to enter in the mobile number that came with the SIM card to complete registration.

The multiple account situation has been brought to our attention previously and we have fed this back. You can view the thread in question here:


I have two phones with ID.  I registered online for one of them and want to register the second.  I did as advised - putting in a different email address for the second phone number.  It said that I was already registered.  When I tried to log on with the second email address it said it wasn’t recognised, so I have not registered with it before. Not sure what to do now.  Help gratefully received.  Thank you.


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Hi @ClaireArcher 

Have you tried registering a new account with the second Mobile number you have? Please try this with the email address you had used when purchasing this. Let us know how you get on.


Not quite sure what happened but I am now logged in for the second phone!  Thank you.

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Great to hear @ClaireArcher 


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