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Having trouble registering

  • 6 March 2022
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I cannot access to my account your system doesn’t recognise my details and phone number. 

I need to print my bills to claim cash and redemption.

5 replies

I need to speak to a member of team urgently about login problems 

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Hello @Greenapple,

Can you confirm what error you are seeing?

When registering, enter your last name, date of birth and the iD number connected on the SIM.

The details are those of the account holder which is the person who purchased the contract not the person using it.

The number is the one on the SIM, not the one to keep.



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Thanks for replying. 

l have been doing all the things you have mentioned but still accessing account is not possible. 

I have portered my number from other network to ID. Will this cause any login to account trouble? 

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Are you using the ported number to register or the original iD Number?

Please use the ported number to register as that is the number that would be on your iD Account now.




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