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Help needed with Registering and paying bill

  • 23 August 2020
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I’m having trouble registering online, have received a text message that the direct debit has been cancelled and I need to pay this month’s bill.  Help needed.


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Hello @Eric Ford,


We can help with this.

To start head to:

Then enter the iD Mobile number that’s active on the SIM.

Following that, you want to enter the account holders last name & their date of birth.

The account holder is whomever purchased the contract.

You’ll also be asked to enter the Email address you’ll use for logging in.


A text is sent to the iD SIM card to complete registration.

Enter the code on this text and complete the registration process by selecting your password.


Let us know how you get on.


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The problem isn’t solved, I still cannot login. The tel number is correct, my father’s last name and date of birth are correct but I keep having the same message pop up.  The issue is that my father Eric Ford signed the customer details and the direct debit from his account, he lives in UK, but I have the SIM card in my phone (I’m in Austria) as he is now frail and has lost his memory.  I only use the SIM card for text messages.  I have been informed by ID Mobile that the direct debit has been cancelled - so I must pay for this myself. Your help would be appreciated - I’d have preferred to talk to someone on the phone but that’s not possible. Thanks. 

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Hi @Eric Ford,


If you could ask the named account holder to get in touch, we’ll be happy to assist them in changing the direct debit details.



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My father, Eric Ford, has lost his memory and the direct debit from his account has been cancelled.  It is important that I have a UK tel number to deal with his finances, hence I will be paying the bill - I live in Austria and am his daughter - Sharon Jandl is my name.  I need to know ID mobile’s banking details in order to pay the monthly bills and how much it is - I have a UK bank account.  I am covering a number of my father’s bills as he is unable to manage his finances, and I am unable to travel to UK due to the pandemic.  Help please - I just need to pay the bill. 

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See previous message - this live chat isn’t working to help me in my situationm. I am very disappointed and frustrated.  I posted a message 3 days ago and have not received a response.  I need to pay this month’s bill by 31 August.  This issue is urgent and I am extremely disappointed at the service ID Mobile is providing (or not) to someone who wants to pay their bill.  URGENT!!! 

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Hello there,


I’m sorry to hear that you’ve not received a response yet.

We aim to reply to every message within 72-working hours.


I’ll get a PM sent over to discuss this with you Sharon.



D ear Sir 

Ref. Account number [edit].

My mobile number related to this account is [edit]. I have given the phone as a present to my relative who live abroad  which means I cannot log in using the same number to receive verification on it so that i can make a payment as well as setting up a direct debit for my account . I happened to have deleted my Direct debit account by mistake . The current line I am using is [EDIT] in case you need to send me a verification code .

I am willing to set up a new direct debit.


Phineas Parirenyatwa

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Hi @Phin, I’ve had to edit your post to remove some details. Please refrain from posting private information on the public forum as this could be used to defraud you. 

Sounds like your relative will need to follow the registration process instead of you. Alternatively, you can make manual payments via our dedicated payment line on 0333 003 0001.

Just a quick note: our plans are designed to be used by permanent UK residents, so if your relative is using the SIM abroad constantly, their services may be restricted.


Thank you,



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