How do I block adult content?

  • 15 April 2021
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Here you can find out how to keep your family safe while they’re enjoying their iD Mobile phone.  

What is content restriction?

Content restriction, also known as parental control, allows you to manage which features, apps and sites your children can access, protecting them from viewing inappropriate content online. This may include gambling sites, 18+ games and other adult content. You can easily set this up on any mobile device and, in doing so, it creates a safer online space for your child while they use the phone. 

What does content restriction protect your child from?

Placing content restrictions on your child’s mobile phone creates a safer online environment and helps protect their mobile device from viruses and other cyber-attacks. The same can be done on other devices like laptops, computers and gaming devices.  

Parental controls can protect your children from viewing harmful content by blocking sites that promote or provide access to alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence, hate and pornography. They can help prevent younger children from accidentally spending excessive amounts of money on games, apps and more, saving you money and stress down the line.  

How to add or remove content restrictions

  It’s easy to control your content restrictions to suit your needs and keep your family safe. Here’s how to add or remove content restrictions: 

  • Go to Services 

  • Toggle Adult content filtering to on or off 

If you are a Pay as you go customer or you could not register an account, you’ll need to contact us to turn your adult content service on or off.  

While content restrictions are activated on your device, if anyone tries to access an age-restricted site (gambling, adult content, etc.) they will be redirected to our content control webpage instead. They will then have to contact us and provide proof of their age to access the content.  

Content restriction and Wi-Fi

Content restrictions are only activated on your device when you’re using our mobile network. When a Wi-Fi connection is used, the broadband service provider’s content rules will apply. 

To put restrictions on your home Wi-Fi, you will need to consult your existing internet provider and follow their instructions to activate content controls. These controls are usually free and can be activated at any time. For further protection online, many web browsers also have built-in tools, features and filters to help limit the types of content users can access.  

Please note that if children are taking their devices out of the home and connecting to other routers such as public Wi-Fi and routers at another person’s home, the restrictions put on your home router will not apply.  

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