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Lost SIM and can't remember my account password. How do I restore access?

  • 15 December 2019
  • 11 replies

Around an year ago I bought a SIM+Phone deal for my oldest son.

Due to unbeliavable events, he lost his phone and he cannot remember the password to his account.

I’d like to restore access to verify if his contract is still in the “promotion” period and eventually take additional steps from there but the recovery password require me to have access to the phone number as well.

How can I get access back into the account if I lost the phone/sim?

11 replies

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Hi @theCrius 

It would be worth getting in touch with our Customer Services Team or ourselves privately in order to take some details from you and send you out a replacement SIM card.

This will then make it possible for you to reset your password easily and be able to find out all the answers you need.  Alternatively, you can put any questions to ourselves or our Customer Services Team when speaking to them directly.


The range of ways you can contact us is as follows:

Dialling 0333 003 7777 for our Customer Services Team.

Reaching our Live Chat Team here: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/contact-us

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/idmobileuk/?ref=br_rs)
Twitter (https://twitter.com/iD_Mobile_UK)

If you're choosing to email us, please include in your email your iD Community username, your full name, home address and postcode, mobile number, and email address.



Thank you, I managed to restore access to the account management yesterday.

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That’s great to hear @theCrius 

Make a note of the various ways you can get in touch with us if you’re ever in need to get hold of us urgently.

Any general questions you have will always be welcome here on our iD Mobile Community.

Merry Christmas ^_^ 



i have lost my sim card and as i never used it i do not remember the number and i was never sent it in an email. please would you be able to help?




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Sure thing @YediB,


Are you wanting it cancelled, or a new one sending out?



Hi Will

Thanks for getting back to me - I would like to cancel it please.


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No worries @YediB ,


We’ll send you a Private Message now to get the ball rolling for you.




I have lost my sim and can't log in to my account as well. 

Can I get a replacement sim please? 

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Hi @Sajidur,

Did you manage to get a replacement SIM or do you still require assistance?

You can contact our Live Chat Team for responses right away as it may take us some time to reply back here.



Hi Kash,

I am sorry but i still have not received my Replacement Sim.

I have been in contact with the Chat Team on Thursday (24.03.22).




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Hi @Sajidur,

Replacement SIM’s can take 5 working days to arrive so please allow the full timescale for it to come.

If you don’t have it after working days, please get back to us here.




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