Registration probems

  • 5 September 2018
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Having difficulty registering an account on the app, my mobile number is fine but the email address and date of birth arent right even though im pretty sure they are 100% correct

1 reply

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Hello @Cam236,

Just to confirm, when you're registering, you'll enter:

iD Mobile Number: The current active number. In most cases, this is the number that was given to you with the contract, not the number you're going to be porting over later

Date of birth

Last name

Then you'll be able to proceed with registering.

Are you using the correct number in this instance?

If you don't know the iD number, check the packet it was sent in, it should be on there.

Alternatively, pop the SIM into your phone and call a friend or family, they can then confirm that number to you.