Stopping one number and starting with another

  • 7 April 2021
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I need urgent support. I had a plan where I only paid for the service but not for a phone. I tried to upgrade but I couldnt, so I ordered a new phone separately which came with a new number. 

in the app I stopped my initial plan which should stop tomorrow and my final bill should have come today.

I can’t register my new number in the app and now it doesn;t seem to work.

This no live support is outrageous and frustrating. I keep getting messages but no clear instruction as to which number the relate to. 

Can someone please get back to me ASAP!!!

Thank you!

3 replies

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Hi @jamocska,

I’m sorry to hear about that issue. When registering for a new account using your new number, you will need to use a different username when signing up so this will mean using a different email address if the previous account was used with that address.

You can still use your email address for contact purposes, it just needs to be different for your username.

Let me know if this helps and if it doesn’t then please let us know more about the issue you’re seeing when trying to register and we’ll see what else we can suggest.


Hi Ryan,


Thank you for getting back to me. I managed to contact a real person and had a few message exchanges. 

So my new phone got disconnected as apparently I requested a transfer which I didn’t. Now I can’t set up a separate account for the new number as I can’t receive the security code required to register. I tried to explain the issues to this person and she said someone will contact me in 48 hours. By then both my numbers will be disconnected, so I am not sure how they will be able to contact me.

I can’t be without a phone for 2 days. I didn’t request a transfer. I’m super angry as I don’t see how I can resolve it and how I will manage the next 2 days…

Thank you

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Hi @jamocska 

We will send you a Private Message now so we can look into this. To view the message sent, simply click on your Profile on the top right and select Private Messages.