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  • 11 February 2021
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I entered phone contract for a phone for my Grandson but, before I had a chance to do so, he must have added some details for logging into the mobile app but cannot remember what year of birth he may have put for me or what password or email address he may have used as he has memory issues. Anyone come across being unable to log in or register for the mobile app when details cannot be remembered? I tried Forgot my password and Forgot my username but it comes up requesting a password, to which response my grandson has no idea what he may have put.

Live Chat say they are inundated and that I should try the Community platform but I really need to speak to an agent about the above, and also need to reduce a phone cap.

Any ides? Any help appreciated.

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Hello @Honigan,

The date of birth isn’t entered when registering, only asked to be confirmed.

The details for the account would be set as the details used when taking out the contract.

So if you purchased it, it would be your last name, your date of birth (providing you entered this correctly) and the iD Mobile number is the one active on the SIM.

Once you get the SIM card and go to register, we simply ask you to reconfirm the details.


Try your own details, if the issue persists, we can PM you to try help you get back into your account.