can't call or text

Just got a new phone today. For some reason it can't make calls or send texts. Keep getting error messages when I text. When I make calls, goes straight to id. Anyone else having issues like that.

Not sim card related.  That's working fine.


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Maybe there’s an issue with your iD account, @PinkBanana

Unfortunately, forum members can’t look at iD customer accounts for privacy and security reasons. 

How do you check your account to fix it


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How do you check your account to fix it


Try contacting iD customer service via their online Live Chat service, or send them a private message using Facebook Messenger

The iD chatbot works 24/7 - the iD advisers work until 8pm on weekdays.

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Hi @PinkBanana 


Sorry to hear this, what leads you to believe this isn’t SIM card related?


Have you tried the SIM in another device?


Are you getting any signal?