ID member with new sim plan. can I keep my number

  • 20 May 2024
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Yesterday I bought a new sim only on ID. I’m with ID already, I want to keep my number

I am disabled and need help


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Hi @mike1s 


Unfortunately, it isn't possible to move a number directly from one iD Mobile account to another iD Mobile account. We'd require a PAC code from another network to move a number to an account.


In this case, you may be able to try the following triangle port method;


1) Get a PAC code for the number you wish to keep.

2) Purchase a Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM from any OTHER network.

3) Give your PAC code to the new PAYG SIM provider to transfer your number from iD Mobile to the PAYG network.

4) Once it's been transferred over, this sends your number to the new network on PAYG and cancels your old contract with us automatically, the final bill will be sent via email.

5) Once the number has fully transferred to the PAYG network allow 24 hours and then request a PAC code from them.

6) Transfer your number to the new iD Mobile plan via PAC code at the link below, once the transfer is fully complete your PAYG SIM will be disconnected and the desired number will be on the new iD Mobile account.


Note; With a new iD Mobile account, you'll need to register a new iD Mobile app/website account to using an email address that hasn't been used previously to register.



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Not helpful.  As I cannot get out and buy a payg phone that I don't need plus extra money.  No good 

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Not helpful.  As I cannot get out and buy a payg phone that I don't need plus extra money.  No good 

You don’t need a PAYG phone, just a PAYG SIM card, @mike1s

Given your circumstances, maybe contact the iD Vulnerable Customer Team, @mike1s
Get in-touch on 0800 049 2376.


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Hi @mike1s,

Welcome to the Community!

I hope that your issue is resolved.

If you require further assistance, please let us know.