My number transferred to girlfriends sim

  • 12 June 2024
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My girlfriend was having trouble activating her new SIM. The sim would not work in her iPhone 11. I put the SIM into my phone to help set up (I am also with ID mobile). This seemed to allow me to activate her SIM using her details and phone number. I then removed the SIM. She put the SIM in her phone which then seemed to be working. My SIM now is not working in my phone. My GF now has signal but she has my phone number. Not hers

We checked to ensure we had not accidentally swapped SIM cards but this is not the case. Her SIM matches the code that came in the post with the SIM card. 

Been trying to go on the chat for about 2 hours and keep getting kicked off. Any help would be appreciated 


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4 replies

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Maybe try contacting iD Mobile customer service via the online Live Chat service.

The iD advisers work 9am - 8pm on weekdays - the iD chatbot works 24/7.

Just tell the 24/7 iD chatbot you’d like to “talk to a person” - but, do this a few times, @Willthorp98

Otherwise, try sending iD support a private message using Facebook Messenger.

I have tried that, I keep getting into the queue and getting kicked out

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Which way @Willthorp98 - iD Live Chat or Facebook Messenger?

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Hi @Willthorp98,

Do you both have iPhones? Sounds like your numbers have gotten mixed up in your Apple IDs, this is quite a common issue which affects Phone Calls, Texts & Apple’s services such as FaceTime and iMessage (Blue Bubbles).

Please try removing the SIMs from both iPhones for 60 minutes, this will disassociate the numbers from your Apple IDs. Then restart both iPhones and re-insert the SIMs.