new phone still showing new number despite requesting pac to transfer old number

  • 10 June 2024
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I have an old iPhone, I joined iD to upgrade to iPhone 15pro and when the phone arrived set it up and requested PAC to transfer the number over. My old phone now has no network but still retains the old number on settings; my new phone retains its number but I am receiving messages, calls etc I assume due to Apple ID covering both devices. How can I switch the new phone to the old number? Have tried turning off iMessage / FaceTime / removing and reinserting sim etc. I’ve had the phone a week now. Thanks. 

2 replies

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Have you tried a NETWORK RESET on the handset using your iD SIM card, @Trolley?

The iOS user guide explains the reset procedures for an iPhone.

To stop receiving iMessages to your old iPhone, turn off iMessage on that device.


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Hi @Trolley 


I’d recommend the same as @andewhite above for this.