OTP not received from bank , how to fixed

How to.fix this issue  with OTP? I cannot login to banking app.without it..tried setting etc but nothing works 


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Also having this problem with NHS login. I need to reorder my prescription but can’t log on.

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Hi @Richardwg @DJDar,

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If you’re using Android and have RCS chat enabled in Google Messages app, it might be worth trying the following steps:

  1. Turn OFF RCS chats (“Chat features”) in the Google Messages app.
  2. Turn OFF the handset and carefully remove the iD SIM.
  3. Check the SIM card is clean and undamaged, before re-inserting the iD SIM.
  4. Turn ON the handset.
  5. Turn ON RCS chats.

It’s always worth resetting your network settings and trying again.




It has now been confirmed by NHS helpline that there was a network fault that caused this problem. It seems that service providers are either unaware of faults when queried or are unwilling to admit to them. In either case, the responsibility for solving the problems is thrown back at the customer with complex diagnostic tests and resets that risk losing various settings on the phone. I wish providers would take more care to investigate the cause of problems before assuming that the fault lies with the customer. There does seem to be a recurring issue with the connection between business messaging systems and phone provider networks (as was shown when Three failed to convey the government’s emergency signal test). No doubt there is a lot of finger-pointing going on which does nothing to help consumers.