PAC transfer issues

I am trying to transfer my existing phone number using the form but keep getting the below message, please help!!!!

We've tried to process your PAC, but there is an issue with the information you've submitted. Please check that you have provided the correct details and try again. 

If you have already used this PAC code and submitted it when purchasing a handset or SIM, don't worry - your switch is underway. We'll send you a text as soon as your number has been transferred to us.

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Loads people having issues. I been trying since Tuesday get it sorted. Phone is going back Monday if not sorted by then.

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Hi @Martin Degg @Sam Dowley,

Welcome to the Community!

Just checking if you managed to request your ports and if they have processed?

If you are still having issues, please let us know and we can check it out via PM.



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I have same issue, have a pac code from three network, can't use it. Getting same response as above using the refered method, don't think it likes the 9 digit order number,

Think this is the transaction number?

Reading on hear that the pac can be entered through the id app, there's no where on this for this to be entered?????

Anyone can help with this....

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Hi @Illloyd3.

The transaction number to use on the number switching form will need to begin with a 4.

Do you have this transaction number? It should be listed on one of your receipts/invoices. 


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Hi Lauren I managed to talk to one of the ID staff who sorted it out for me. the number swaped over yesterday with no issues

My number hasn't transferred,  I include pac number with purchase. Not happy I can't contact someone just going around in circles in chat groups. Why isn't live chat actually with an employee 

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Input 'I want to talk to a person ' . And you'll be put in a queue 

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Hey there @Carey Lois Jones, we’re sorry to hear you’ve had issues contacting our agents on the live-chat.


To get through to an agent in the future, please follow the below instructions:


1) Type "Hi"

2) Type your issue in brief

3) Type "Speak to an agent"

4) Click on "Customer Service" from the options provided

5) Type your full name

6) Type your mobile number


Thank you,


I am having the same error message when trying to filll out the PAC form. 

is the transaction number the same as order number? I have no welcome email or invoice documents. I have checked spam/trash/archive & there is nothing on there. 

Where can I find transaction number? Does it need to start with a 4 as stated above? 

I want to keep my old number! 

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Hi @Jen Frost 


Sorry to hear this, do you still require assistance with this?

Please let us know if so so we can get in touch.

We’ll be able to get in contact with you to assist here, or for a quicker service, we’d recommend using the Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter.