Help - number ported but not receiving sms sent

  • 13 March 2020
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Hello. My number has ported this morning and I have followed steps to add it to phone. I can send iMessages using my Apple ID but unable to receive any sms that are sent to ported number. When I call anyone it is definitely the old number I have ported that I’m calling from

5 replies

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Hey @Yoli77 


This is usual problem with iPhones and iMessage. It does not update your number automatically. 


Try the steps provided by @Kevin in this topic here, this might fix it for you. 


Kind Regards


Thanks. Sadly none of this works. In iMessage it is just listing my Apple ID and no phone number at all. I’ve had numerous web chats with id, Apple and spent a loooong time in the Carphone warehouse yesterday and no one seems to be able to help. Very frustrating.  Thanks again. 

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Are you able to log in to your Apple ID on the Apple website and add a phone number there @Yoli77?


Did the restarting without a SIM trick not change anything?

Are you able to send a message to yourself?

Thanks. No restarting with sim didn’t work and my number is on my Apple ID, it is just not showing in the send and receive bit in IMessage.  It is all very strange!

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@Yoli77  The new IOS uses your Apple ID for iMessages and not you number, you can turn this feature off… from settings>Messages>iMessages

So first thing to check is the telephone number within the phone app

from settings>phone> My Number (change this if not correct)

then disable iMessages

restart the mobile and turn iMessages back on - do not enable the ‘use Apple ID for iMessages’ as this could be the cause of your issues.

if it still fails check the telephone number is correct on your Apple ID account
Not that it should matter but iMessages always gets confused when things change.
Needs a little kick to start it working now and again...