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Trouble transferring old number

  • 23 November 2021
  • 5 replies

I am having trouble entering the PAC code I received from O2 and my mobile number in order to keep my current number. An error message keeps appearing everytime I enter the numbers in correctly. Please help ASAP! 

5 replies

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Hello @MHardie2021,

If you’ve registered for an iD My Account online you can submit your PAC after you sign-in to your iD account. 

If you haven’t registered, then you should go ahead and do that here.

Anyway, good luck.

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And also @MHardie2021

Messaging here in the community is not real-time, so be prepared to wait for an iD advisor to get back to you.

For real-time responses, use the iD Live Chat service, but do type-in “talk to a person” after you get connected on chat to avoid the 24/7 chat-bot.

FYI, some ad-blocker, anti-malware and anti-virus software can stop iD Live Chat working properly. The iD live chat needs to use “” to run the chat session and sometimes this domain gets blocked. If you’ve blocked popups, this will also cause problems using iD Live Chat.

Alternatively, try a social media PM to iD Mobile via facebook ( or twitter (

Anyway, I hope you get this sorted.


I have registered and the app is up and running. No matter how many times I've tried, it still doesn't work. I am at my wits end trying to get this sorted, and nothing seems to work. 

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Okay thanks @MHardie2021 - I used a PAC when I joined iD and luckily no problem.

What exactly have you tried and what goes wrong/doesn’t work, in each case? 

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What is the error message you're seeing @MHardie2021?


A PAC can only be submitted once and any future submissions will produce an error… It’s possible that the first submission did in fact go through.


Why iD Mobile?