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Data Usage

  • 14 June 2019
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Data usage explained
Need help working out the amount of monthly data you need? Let us explain.

When you’re choosing an iD Mobile plan, you’ll want one with the right amount of monthly mobile data for your phone. You’ve got lots of choice. At the moment, we offer plans with data allowances ranging from 250MB to 20GB.

We understand that it can be tricky to choose the amount of data you need. Is 1MB enough? Will 10MB be too much? If these are the type of questions you’re asking yourself, read on for the answers.

How much data do I need?
According to recent reports, the average amount of mobile data being used in the UK each month is 2.5GB. But the amount you need really depends on what you use your phone for.
If you just use your phone for work, the chances are you’ll be doing nothing more than sending emails and browsing the web. For that type of use, 500MB allowance should be enough.
If you use your phone for leisure (streaming music, videos and games) then 2GB is probably the least amount of data you need a month. Even then you’ll need to be careful with video streaming.
If you decide to ‘go large’ and get a 20GB iD Mobile plan, you’ll be able to keep yourself entertained all through the month. For example, you can:
· Watch about 20 hours of standard quality Netflix.
· Play a mobile game like Fortnite for 8 days solid.
· Listen to an entire week of high quality Spotify music.
· Send over 30 million WhatsApp messages.
· Upload around 30,000 Facebook photos.

I think my data’s going to run out. What can I do?
You can keep a close eye on your data usage by logging in to the iD Mobile app or My Account online. You’ll be able to see exactly how much monthly data you’ve used, and how much you’ve got left until your allowances refresh.

If you think you’re going to use up all your data, you’ve got three choices:

1. Do nothing, and keep using your data. When your allowance runs out, you’ll be charged at our out-of-plan data rates. We don’t recommend you doing this, as it can be quite pricey.

2. Buy a data add-on. This tops up your allowance with more data to get you through the month. It works out much cheaper than our out-of-plan rates, so it’s a great way of giving your data a boost if it’s running low. Find out how to buy an add-on here:
How to buy an add-on

3. Turn your mobile data off. You can do this in your phone settings. The exact method varies by manufacturer but it’ll be something like Settings / Mobile network / Mobile data ‘off’. This is quite an extreme option, but if your allowances are refreshing in a day or two and you reckon you can get by on Wi-Fi, it might be your best move.

I’ve used up all my data. How do I get more?
Like we said above, you can buy a data add-on at any time. If you’ve used up your monthly data, buying an add-on works out a lot cheaper than racking up out-of-plan data charges.

If you find yourself buying data add-ons every month, you might want to consider changing plans to one with more data. If you’re interested in doing this, you’ll find all the information you need here:

How to change your iD Mobile plan

Can I use data abroad?
Yes, you can use your monthly data allowance (and data add-ons) in any of our 50 Inclusive Roaming destinations. If you’re abroad elsewhere (or if you run out of data in an Inclusive Roaming destination), you’ll be charged at our international roaming rates.

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