The App Store best of 2019 is here

  • 31 December 2019
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The App Store best of 2019 is here
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Getting a new iPhone? Apple have recently unveiled the top apps on the App Store for 2019, and there are some absolute crackers on the list. From incredible camera software to addictive games, we’ll show you the apps that should take pride of place on your home screen.

Game of the year – Sky: Children of the Light

Review: 4.8


Apple have declared Sky: Children of the Light as their number one game of the year on the iOS platform, and for many great reasons. Designed by the team that created Journey (the 2013 game of the year), Sky contains a whole host of experiences made to be shared with a friend.

Sky contains seven different realms that each represent the various stages of life. You arrive as a Child of the Light, and the aim is to return fallen stars to their constellations in each realm. The more fallen stars you collect, the more ‘winged light’ you receive, which gives you the ability to fly further across the kingdom. It’s also a great way of meeting new people, and the huge range of cosmetic items make your character really stand out.


App of the year – Spectre camera

Review: 3.7

Purchase: £2.99

If you’re looking to take beautiful, scenic long exposure photos but don’t want to fork out on a DSLR camera, look no further than the Spectre Camera app. For regular phone users trying to get that postcard-worthy shot, holding the phone perfectly still and guessing the right amount of light are both very tricky. Using clever AI, Spectre takes care of both and the results are amazing. You’ll be able to remove crowds from that gorgeous scenic shot, capture stunning horizons like paintings and make waterfalls beautifully misty.


Top free games

Mario Kart Tour

Review: 4.8

If this one isn’t already on your home screen, download it right now! Mario Kart Tour takes the best elements of the classic Nintendo game and turns it into an accessible, portable portrait-configured adventure. As well as all the classic Mario Kart courses (Rainbow Road, *shudder*), you’ll also find brand new tracks inspired by real-world cities.

As your racing improves and you get better at using perks and drifting, you’ll earn Grand Stars to spend on new drivers, karts and gliders. Keep practising with different characters and karts to find your perfect, formidable combo!

Find out more about Mario Kart Tour.

Review: 4.6

If racing games are your go-to when you’re commuting or taking a break from work, you’ll love The concept is simple – make it to the bottom of the water slide first and beat the competition. It’s not that easy though! You can knock other players off the course to improve your chances, but they can also do the same. You can even use your momentum going into corners to fly off the course and land further ahead, which is great when you’re falling behind. But make sure you know how close your opponents are, or you could be in for a shock at the finish line!


Color Bump 3D

Review: 4.6

Color Bump 3D is one of those games that’s perfect to lose yourself in at the end of a hard day. All you have to do is roll the ball to the finish line without touching any other colours. Sound easy? Think again. There are over 100 levels and they each get much harder as you progress. By the time you think you’re beginning to get the hang of it, you’ll need extremely steady hands and precise movement to make it through each round.


Top free apps

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp shouldn’t need any introduction, but in case you’re yet to give it a go, it’s a messaging platform that offers far more features than simple texting. Using your internet connection, WhatsApp lets you text and call friends without using up any of your texts or minutes allowance. And you won’t need to request your mates’ usernames either. The app works seamlessly with your contact list, so anyone in your contacts with a WhatsApp account will be added automatically.

Send gifs to your friends, make a group to catch up with family, or even call your mate as they travel the world – all for free.



Give your travel photos a new lease of life on Instagram. It’s a great platform for connecting with friends, editing those postcard-worthy snaps and showing off your adventures to the world. Instagram Stories are great for sharing the funny things that happen throughout your day, while the app picks up on the photos that interest you and show you similar content you’re bound to love.



Share that funny moment as soon as it happens with Snapchat. The app opens straight to the camera, so you can instantly send photos to your mates. There’s also a whole host of editing options, and new lenses and filters are frequently added to keep your snaps funny and interesting.

If you like staying up to date with the news but don’t have time to follow in depth, You can even quickly browse the latest breaking news stories posted by BBC, Sky, Vice and more. Or, you can watch live stories from the Snapchat community either locally or across the globe.


Those are the top iOS apps for 2019? What’s been your go-to app this year? What kind of app are you hoping to see on the App Store in 2020? Let us know below!

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