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No MMS sending and no APN editing

hi everyone
I’ve recently transferred from another network and since coming across I’m finding I can’t send picture messages on my iPhone 6 to anyone on a different type of phone i.e. not iMessage
I’ve been speaking with the technical team at ID mobile a few times but don’t appear to be making very quick progress so I thought I would throw the question out there to see if anyone can help?
I believe I need to edit my APN settings to get this to work however currently APN isn’t available . When I go into mobile networks I’m go to options APN just simply isn’t there, my only two options or data roaming and 4G.
I’ve been through the ID mobile settings checker and it tells me it cannot automatically send me the settings for my phone and the only option available to me is to do this manually but I can’t do this manually as I don’t have the option.

Has anyone come across similar and aware of a fix? My previous carriers profile has been deleted and I currently have no profile set up.

thank you


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Hello @Nicky,

Can you try the 2 things for us:
Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

If this doesn't work, please go to Settings > General > Profiles

I know you've mentioned you've done the second step, but just go back in and confirm there are no previously stored profiles from other networks and delete these.

Then, power down your phone, remove the SIM and leave this for 10 seconds.
Power the device up and then re-insert the SIM and let me know how you get on.

Hi Mohammed,
thanks for your reply. No profile option is showing under settings, I deleted the only profile that was there on a Saturday during discussions with tech support. I reset the network at the same time.

i did the power down, remove sim, replace and power up yesterday but no change.

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Hey @Nicky,

Thank you for confirming that. Did you purchase the phone from ourselves?

Hi Ryan
no it’s a phone I was using previously

Nicky, I am having this exact problem right now, I also imported my number and it is sending the wrong number to some people 😔
Oh no sorry to hear that- I’m hoping the technical dept will be resolving it very soon- is it sending your old number ?
hiya, ive managed to solve to text part (touch wood) but it was a new phone so it’s just the number that was assigned to the sim. I think it’s just iPhones it doing it with, which is strange
Do you have access to your APN settings ?
I don’t think so, I’m not very technical but I did google it and can’t find it 😊
My APN settings aren’t there, there is no option.
I’ve tried using the ID Mobile phone setting sender but it doesn’t work for an iPhone 6 whether I send with or without APN.

My OH also switched to ID around the same time I did. He has just done a test for me and could send MMS via non-iMessage, so I’ve compared the settings, and found that he had (Under Settings-General-Mobile Data) - mobile data turned on, mobile data roaming turned off. I had mobile data roaming turned on, and enabled 4G (for voice and data) and enabled roaming.
I tried matching the settings but it didn’t seem to work.

I believe ID Mobile piggy back off the Three network. I have a spare android phone on the O2 network and I appear to be able to send MMS to that number, however I can’t send to my friend, (who I think is on EE, awaiting confirmation). Perhaps it is something to do with the phone my friend has rather than the network - I shall continue testing with other friends.

So, so far:
O2 - ☑️
EE - ❌
Vodafone - ☑️
Three - ☑️
So more testing has found that I can’t send to my friend on Virgin (my previous network provider) but I can send to my friend on EE, Virgin piggyback on EE, so its quite peculiar, anyway it seems I can send to almost all my friends now - perhaps you could try the same Brunster - might help with some troubleshooting.
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So more testing has found that I can’t send to my friend on Virgin (my previous network provider) but I can send to my friend on EE, Virgin piggyback on EE, so its quite peculiar, anyway it seems I can send to almost all my friends now - perhaps you could try the same Brunster - might help with some troubleshooting.

Hello @Nicky,

To me, this sounds like an issue with the Profiles as older profiles stored can affect the settings, are you able to add new profiles in the settings at all? Possible one for iD?

It's very weird that after deleting this it's still not working.

MMS messages do cost 30p per MMS, is it possible that you've reached the minimum spend cap and the other messages are being sent through iMessage instead of through MMS?

You can try turning off iMessage to see if this makes a difference too.

Hi Mohammed,

Thank you for your reply. Going via
Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options I see the following ( mobile data network is not present)

I am no where close to my cap so it shouldn’t be that, and turning off iMessage makes no difference.

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Hello @Nicky,

It seems we may not be able to reach a resolution here via troubleshooting.

I've PM'ed you on our next steps on how we can resolve this.

Hi guys I’m on exactly the same phone and have exactly the same issue, how was this solved please?
Hi mrleesheridan,

I’m afraid ID didn’t fix it- they asked me to contact them on Social media, which I can’t do because I don’t use it, and it hasn’t progressed past that point !

Thanks for the prompt response. Looks like I’ll be walking off to another provider then 😔
It is disappointing- and I couldn’t see how Social media was going to help 😄
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Hi Nicky, we offer this so that we can obtain the details of your account and look what more can be done as the advice so far has not been able to resolve the problem with your phone.

mrleesheridan, sorry to hear you are having trouble with MMS on your iPhone. If you've also deleted any previous profiles and reset the network settings, it may be worthwhile doing a factory reset on the phone and re activating it with the iD mobile SIM to try and resolve this.
Same exact issue on my iphone7.

Please sort this out and stop sending out unhelpful advice.

It's obvious that it's ID and not our phones.
I’m having the exact same problem .. only switched to ID 1 wk ago .. think the only option Is to cancel my contract
Hi, Hope you can help. I have exactly this problem on my iphone 6. Tried all teh above without success. Please help. It worked previously. Could it have anything to do with recent IOS upgrade?
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Have you tested the SIM in a different handset to confirm if this still works? @grother

This would seem to be an issue with the handset settings that's preventing MMS messages from sending.

I've got the same problem with my iPhone SE. Very irritating. What is the solution? I've tried all the above suggestions. HELP!
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Hi @Concertina.

Welcome to the ID Community here, though we're sorry to hear you're having issues with MMS messages.

Have you tried some of the suggestions above? Are you having troubles sending any other messages? Do you happen to know if your iPhone is displaying your current number correctly?

Go to Settings > (click your name at the top) > Name, Phone Numbers, Email

Please check that the number is right there.

If you've checked all the above, and you're still having problems...

As we've outlined to Nicky, it might be best in this instance to get in touch with our team on Social Media as we may need to do some behind the scenes looking at your account to see if potentially any settings there are causing this conflict here.



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