Poor Download Speed / slow 4G

  • 29 February 2020
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Hi everyone. I’m not all that familiar with mobile data. 

I have an ID mobile sim and my wife has a virgin mobile sim. Using, my average download speed is ~1 Mb and my wife’s is ~12 Mb in the same location (home). 

Is this simply due to virgin mobile having better signal at our home? I would like to stay with ID if I can, but might need to change to virgin mobile if this slow performance persists.

(We currently don’t have broadband, so are reliant on phone sim for internet connection)

Thanks for any help/advice. 

3 replies

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Hello @Obliss1,


Virgin Mobile is an MVNO just as we (iD Mobile) are.

Virgin Mobile uses EE’s masts for coverage, whereas we use Three UK’s masts.


So whilst you’re at the same address, you’re connecting to the Three UK masts to get 4G coverage and your partner will be connected to EE masts via Virgin.


EE do tend to have faster 4G speeds normally and it could just be down to the masts in your area.

Can you just confirm your full postcode for us so we can take a look at the Three UK masts in the area just to make sure there’s no faults as such?



Thanks SO15 3HW

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Hi @Obliss1,

Thanks for that. I have checked the masts in your area and everything seems to be ok with no reported problems at this time. Have the speed tests got any better since your first post?