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  • 14 September 2021
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I recently came back to iD mobile after switching to Virgin for a while. I got the new Samsung A52s 5g a few days ago. While I was waiting for my old number to port onto my new iD sim, I used my old Virgin sim in my new phone and my connection to mobile data was fine. However, this morning my old number was ported over to my new iD sim and I’ve had 1 bar of signal or less all morning.

I checked so see if it was the phone at fault by putting the iD sim into my old phone (xiaomi mi 8 pro) and the signal was still very weak, indicating it is the sim at fault! I then checked my coverage and it told me that I should be receiving 5G! I barely get 4G! 

The thing that confuses me the most is that my brother recently got a new sim from Three (which is the same network provider as iD I think?) and he gets 5G all over the house! I don’t even get good internet when standing next to the window! There must be something wrong with the sim?

I just came back from my local Carphone Warehouse (because I thought they could figure it out for me face to face) and one of their workers told me to get in touch with iD directly. If they can’t solve the problem, I think i’m going to have to return my phone and switch network!


Please help! I have about another 10 days or so to return it.

4 replies

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Hello @KaySamsungUser,

That sounds frustrating. Although you’ll notice the mobile network operators promoting 5G, the truth is that coverage is really limited.

Have you looked at the following community support article?

5G: Everything you need to know | Join the discussion, ask questions, share advice. (

You might find one or two tips that help you.

Good luck!

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Hi @KaySamsungUser,


It does sound like it may well be a SIM card issue. Did our Friends in the Carphone Warehouse try a different SIM in the handset? If not, let us know and we’ll organise sending on out to you.



Hi Will


I went to 2 different Carphone Warehouse branches and no one offered me a new sim card! How do I order a new one? 


Thanks for the help!

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Hi @KaySamsungUser,


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