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Activating your new SIM

  • 17 December 2018
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Have you just received a new SIM from us? Then this is the place to find out what to do next. It all depends on whether your SIM is for 1) a new connection, 2) an upgrade, or 3) a replacement. Here’s what to do in each of these situations:

1. New connection.
If you've purchased a new connection, the SIM card you receive should already be activated. Simply pop it into your handset and you're good to go.
SIM not working? This article might help: What to do if your new SIM isn’t working

2. Upgrade
If you’ve recently upgraded with us, your new plan allowances should now be available to use on your current SIM.
You might receive a new SIM card in the post. This is just in case you’ve upgraded to a new phone and your current SIM doesn’t fit. So, if your current SIM is fine, just store the new one in a safe place in case you need it in the future.
If you ever need to use the new SIM, you can activate it in the same way as a replacement SIM below.

3. Replacement
If you’ve received a replacement SIM because your old one was lost, stolen, damaged or the wrong size, you will need to activate your new sim by speaking to one of our agents. You can do so by clicking ‘Live Chat’ on our contact webpage Tell them you’d like to process a SIM swap, and they’ll happily take you through the process.
Please have your account details and SIM card number to hand. Your SIM card number is the 19-digit number printed on the SIM card holder, under the barcode. If you don’t have the card holder any more, don’t worry - the number’s also printed on the back of the SIM card itself. It’s an 11-digit number, and you just need to add ‘89442001’ to the start of it if you need to input it somewhere.

Got a question on your SIM? Then check out ‘All you need to know about your new SIM’, or ask it below.

7 replies

New SIM not working

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New SIM not working

Hello @Hannah black jones 


I’m sorry to hear this.

Is this a replacement SIM or a new SIM purchased on a new contract?



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From contract to sim nothing haven't been able to use my phone since 31st December emergency only or no service i have tried everything I've been advised to do but still nothing anyone out there can help me on my tablet now as that's the only way to receive emails messages.

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Hi @Lyndafisher48 ,

We’ve taken your email out of your post to protect your data.


Did you receive a new SIM when you made the change on your account ?

If you can please email us at we can check your account to help.



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Thank you very much for trying to help me i am all sorted now and I really appreciated your help thanks again silly old woman am i

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Thanks Phil the trouble was with the sim they sent me a new sim but told me not to use it

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Hey @Lyndafisher48,

That’s great to hear! We’re glad this is all sorted now. :)