Received a new SIM but no mobile number

  • 28 August 2020
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Hello guys,


I have rencently purchased a pay monthly SIM only deal, and have already received the SIM.


  • There’s no mobile number inidcated in the contents of the SIM package
  • I have not received the “Welcome” e-mail which should state the mobile number
  • The SIM does not work

​​​​​​​Is this usual?  Should I wait for a couple of more days to wait for the Welcome e-mail?

Or should I contact iD mobile (and calling up is the only method?)?

Maybe the SIM needs an activation, but I cannot do so without the mobile number.

Thank you for your help in advance.

3 replies

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Hi @Shin H,


You should have received a Welcome email by now really. have you checked your Junk Mail?


For all the info you need to activate your SIM card, please click here.


Hope this helps, if not, please let us know.



Thanks, Will.

Yes, I have received the “Welcome” email, and my SIM is active now.

I have requested the PAC number transfer and waiting for it’s done.


Shin H.

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Hi there @Shin H 

The SIM should in theory be working from the day you receive it.

What phone or device are you using the SIM card in?

Could we get your home postcode to check all is ok where you are?