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The iD Mobile app: Everything you need to know

  • 27 August 2021
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Discover everything you need to know about how to make the iD Mobile app work best for you.   

How to download the iD Mobile app based on your handset

You’ll need to download the app first before you can take advantage of its benefits. Simply click the link below that suits you, and download the app. 

If you’re an Android user, download the app here

If you’re an iOS (Apple) user, download the app here

If you’re a Huawei user, download the app here.  

Once you’ve downloaded it, you just need to register your account and you’ll be up and running.  

What can I do in the iD Mobile app and My Account online?

Both the iD Mobile app and My Account online give you access to the same features and services. With the iD Mobile app, you can manage your account on the go and it’s free to access wherever you are in the world. 

Here are a few things you can do on the iD Mobile app and My Account online

  • Use a PAC (to transfer your number from another provider) or a STAC to switch to iD Mobile 

  • Check your allowances and usage 

  • View and download your bills 

  • Set or change your Bill Cap 

  • Make a manual payment or amend your Direct Debit details 

  • Buy minutes and data add-ons 

  • Change, upgrade or end your plan 

  • Manage your services: Voicemail, International Calling, Roaming, Adult Content and Premium Calls 

  • Report your SIM lost or stolen 

  • Update your billing address or email 

  • Activate an upgrade or replacement SIM card 

  • View our FAQs 

How to register with My Account online and the iD Mobile app

We strongly recommend that you either register with My Account online, or set yourself up with the free iD Mobile app. You’ll need your mobile number, and the last name and date of birth of the person who bought the iD Mobile account. Then, follow the steps in our Registering with iD Mobile article to create an account, and get troubleshooting tips in case you run into issues. 

How to log into the iD Mobile app

Once you’ve registered with iD Mobile and created an account, simply login using your username and password. You can then choose to log into your account in the future with the same password, or choose to log in with a PIN code, Touch ID or Face IDYou can find out what to do if you’ve forgotten your username or password in our article on the topic.


Log into the app using a pin code:

PIN login- You can set a 6 digit PIN to log in to the app, rather than use your password. (This is not the customer service PIN)

To set up your 6 digit PIN, do the following:

- Log in to the app

- Bring up the menu by clicking on the 3 lines icon [Icon] on the top left of the app

- Select Login preferences

- Select PIN

- From now on, you’ll be asked to enter a PIN every time you go to log in to the app.             


Log into the app using biometrics:

Biometric login refers to the process of using Touch ID (fingerprint recognition software) or Face ID (facial recognition software) to act as a password or access key.

Biometric Login- If you have a Touch ID or Face ID compatible device, you can log in to the iD Mobile app using either your fingerprint or Face.

You must:

- Have Touch ID or Face ID activated on your device

- Bring up the main menu by clicking on the 3 lines icon on the top left of the iD app

- Select ‘Set login preferences’.

- Toggle on ‘Biometric Login’

You’re all set! Next time you go to log in to the iD Mobile app, you’ll be prompted to Login using Touch ID or Face ID, depending on which one you set up.


How to manage your plan with My Account online and the iD Mobile app

Once you’ve registered with iD Mobile, you can start controlling your plan the way you want to. Here are a few of our favourite features: 

Monitor your usage and keep a close eye on your limits

Your allowances are all displayed on the dashboard. You can view them in more detail by clicking Allowances. 

Adjust your capped limits

You can find additional information about Bill Capping in our in-depth article.  

Manage your Direct Debit

You can easily change your Direct Debit details in the Billing section. 

Make a manual card payment

You can make a manual card payment, but we charge you £3.50 every month you do this. If this sounds fair enough, go to My Bills, then Billing, and select Make a payment. 

Buy add-ons as soon as you need them

To purchase an add-on, go to your Add-Ons page and click the Buy tab. Choose the add-on you want from there. You may then be given an option to make it a recurring add-on (if allowed). 

Upgrade to a shiny new handset

You can find more information on how to upgrade using the app or My Account in our handy guide.  

Activate or deactivate key features such as voicemail, roaming and adult content filtering

You can customise your phone features like roaming, adult content filtering and voicemail to suit you. To do this, go to the Services page and toggle them on or off. 

View any of your bills from the past 6 months

To view your current bill, simply go to Billing, then Current month. To view previous bills, go to Billing, then See a Breakdown

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