Incorrect notifications about unlimited minutes

  • 16 April 2020
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Query for my elderly vulnerable Dad...he received an offer for free unlimited minutes recently (for Coronavirus I think) and is happy with it...firstly does he have to do anything to benefit or is his plan automatically updated with free minutes? Its not clear how many minutes he has when he calls for his usual account balance. Also he just got a notification text saying he had used all his allowance and now he would be charged 40p a min onwards! He is obvs worried about this. Does the offer expire or have a limit? Surely he’d the just go back to his old 250 mins plan.  How can he check? I’ve seen another post suggesting the notification text may be badly timed and possibly linked to his normal plan, how can we check and avoid these extortionate charges? Thanks 

2 replies

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Hello @Dadster 


He can check all details for his account on the App or Account. When he login to one of these it will show him how much he has left so far. It will look like screenshot below (it is a screenshot from my account so amounts will be different for your dads) 


If he has not registered for the account he could do it here.


In order from him to take advantage of unlimited minutes he would need to do a plan change by following these instructions here. It will not be automatically changed. 


There is also option to setup bill cap which will prevent him from overspending on a bill when allowances are over and additional charges may occur. Here he can find more details about bill capping feature. 


Kind Regards 




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Hi @Dadster 

Please be assured he doesn't need to do anything to benefit from this. 

These unlimited mins will be available for use until 13th June.  

Any messages received about charges can be ignored from 23rd  March to 13th June 2020. 

I hope this helps.