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How to prepare your phone for a trip abroad

  • 20 March 2018
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How to prepare your phone for a trip abroad

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Hello @mkeshefkhan,

Can you try using the other SIM to add the above APN settings and select these, then switch back to your iD SIM to see if this works?


I have tried this and I still can't use my data. It seems like it's not only me who is facing the same problem - a few other iPhone users can't use their data either, be it abroad or in the UK.
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Hi @mkeshefkhan

I've just sent you a private message with some details on how to get in touch with us. We'll take some details, look at your account, and then be able to more quickly go over the usual things that could be causing a conflict here.

There is no reason for your iPhone 6s to not be working over there for roaming. So we'll be happy to troubleshoot this to completion with you more easily if you could reach out to our Social Media Team.

We're in from 8 am - 8 pm during the weekdays (GMT) and we'd consider ourselves experts in the matter.

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On my phone I went to settings/more/mobile networks/access point names.

annoyed that I lost service for a week or two but now back operating again. I will have to review how I feel about continuing with this company after I have calmed down!
My roaming data stopped working in Spain yesterday.

Roaming is switched on in my app, online and on my handset.

APN settings correct on my samsung s6.

Its been working for a week and i have loads of data left you use.

Any idea why my my phone data stopped working yesterday afternoon?

SMS sending fine.

Theres a tiny R above the mobile connection icon - guessing this means 'roaming'
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Ooh this is really good information, I'm going on holiday to Portugal with my son in the summer holidays, so I'm going to save this link so I can ready my phone for all of the Insta-pics while we're away!

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Hi @ss rza,

That seems strange but I'm sure we can get to the bottom of it.

It may be a simple fix that could get this sorted, please could you try the following steps.

  • Restart the handset
  • Turn off Mobile data and on again
  • Turn Roaming off and on again
  • Finally if none of the above work please try manually selecting the network

I'm in Paris and have no phone service or data. This had happened before, so before I left I set up a new APN as described above. No joy. Roaming and mobile data are enabled, but I don't even have a phone signal, let alone 4G.

I've deleted the APN and added it again, turned the phone off and back on, turned roaming and data off and back on but to no avail. I'm on a Motorola G4. Anything else you can advise?
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Hi @Kimw,

I'm sorry to see this! Do you know which French network your phone has connected to?

Try a manual network operators search from within your phone settings and see if you can connect to either Orange or BYTEL/BOUYGTEL. You can also try to connect to Free Mobile or SFR if you're having problems with the first two.

Let me know how this goes.

Hi Ryan,

My phone is not connected to any French network. When I try to manually select a network it just searches forever. The triangle showing strength of signal is completely blank.

I have had a restaurant email to say they have cancelled my reservation for this evening because they couldn't contact me by phone to confirm I was coming. So this is now more than merely inconvenient.

So... thanks for all your help. I've just switched to another supplier.
Why isn't Switzerland included in the 50 EU/EEA countries that we can roam in with no extra charge? Switzerland is a member of the EEA.
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Why isn't Switzerland included in the 50 EU/EEA countries that we can roam in with no extra charge? Switzerland is a member of the EEA.

Hi @Martin Sadler,

Switzerland is not part of the EEA I'm afraid and as such, Switzerland has not adopted the European roaming regulations, so free roaming in their country does not apply which is unfortunate for many holiday makers and business visitors alike.


This is the reason I quit iD mobile two years ago. When I came back a week ago I made sure to ask the shop people, repeatedly: can I be sure that roaming will work in Europe? Now it’s sad to see that there are still similar problems with data roaming.

I wonder if it will need reporting it to Ofcom* to get a decent explanation from the company. Why, oh why, when it simply works out of the box with other providers, it does not with iD?! There must be a technical explanation, and your customers deserve to know, right?


  *actually it would be the Communications Ombudsman

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Hi @juanacevedo,

I am sorry to see that you’re having issues using the SIM card when in the EU. It’s definitely not a common issue and we find that it will usually work, as long as the roaming services are active on your account as is the process with all networks.

Some handsets, especially if not purchased from ourselves, may have issues when roaming if they still have the previous network settings installed, or if they have the Three UK settings showing. These can usually be removed/replaced to enable data to work.

Let us know which phone you’re using and we’ll offer some support to get this solved.


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Hi @PiKA4y,


Everything alright?



Moshe Strugano (Attorney - Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm) says, its important to enable roaming as well as keep your phone updated. Also don’t use any fake and banned apps.