How do I manage my Bill Cap?

  • 15 June 2021
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Learn everything you need to know about Bill Capping to prevent any unwanted or extra charges on your next iD Mobile bill?

What is Bill Capping?

Bill Capping is a money-saving feature that is available on all iD Mobile plans. Your Bill Cap ultimately puts you in control of your spend – and can be set to anything between £0 and your credit limit. By limiting your monthly costs to an amount of your choosing, you can avoid any unpleasant bill shocks at the end of the month.  

This means that if you run out of your allowance of minutes, texts or data – or have any other chargeable usages, like MMS and premium text messages – the services will stop once you have reached your chosen limit. Please note, add-ons, line rental and other admin charges aren’t included within this. For example, the line rental for your standard monthly plan costs £6 per month.  

What are my allowance limits?

Your allowances are the number of: minutes, texts and data included in your monthly plan. If you run out of an allowance and continue to use it, you’ll be charged out-of-plan rates until you reach your credit limit. 

If you find that you’re regularly using up your allowances, you can change your plan in the iD Mobile app or My Account online.

What’s the difference between my Bill Cap and credit limit?

Your credit limit is the maximum total cost of out-of-plan charges you can incur on an iD Mobile connection (not including your monthly line rental, add-ons and any other admin charges). It is an amount, in pounds, based on the results of the credit checks we processed when you purchased your iD Mobile plan.  

Your Bill Cap is an adjustable ‘out-of-plan spend’ limit placed on your account. You can set this amount at the point of sale, or adjust it any time thereafter via the iD Mobile App or My Account online.   

How does Bill Capping work?

Bill Capping prevents you from racking up unwanted charges. Here’s how it works:  

  1. Choose your Bill Cap - You can now choose an out-of-plan spend cap between £0 and £25 when you buy your plan. Or you can set a cap anywhere between £0 and your credit limit on your existing plan using the iD Mobile app or My Account online.

  1. Never pay more than your cap  - We won't charge you more than your cap, even if you use up your allowances.

  1. Change your cap at any time  - It's easy to adjust your cap via the iD Mobile app or My Account online.

Note: The cost of buying an add-on doesn't count towards your cap, and you can buy add-ons when your cap has been reached. 

How do I increase my cap?

You can set your Bill Cap and adjust it if and when you need to via the iD Mobile App or by logging in online via My Account. Just adjust your cap on the Settings page. Your Bill Cap can be set anywhere between £0 and your credit limit (a pre-decided limit decided based on your credit check at the time of starting your iD Mobile plan). 

How to cap your plan

You can adjust your Bill Cap at any time. Simply choose an amount that suits you, anywhere between £0 and your credit limit, and put yourself in full control of your spend. If you need it, you can use it, and if you don’t, you won’t get charged.  

To change your Bill Cap, just follow these steps:  

  1. Log in to the iD Mobile app 

  1. Select Services at the bottom of your app screen  

  1. Select Edit my capped limit in the Cap My Extra Usage Charges section of the app 

  1. Enter the amount you would like to set your bill cap at using the dial or by manually entering the amount. Then select Set Cap and Confirm  

You can also change your Bill Cap through My Account online.   

What happens if I reach my capped limit?

There are a few things that can happen when you reach your capped limit, which depends on your plan: 

  1. If you run out of an allowance and keep using it, you'll be charged out-of-plan rates until you reach your capped limit 

  1. When you reach your capped limit - or if your cap is set to £0 - you won't be able to make calls, send messages or access any data. You will be able to receive calls and messages and be able to use any other remaining inclusive allowances 

  1.  You will need to buy add-ons of minutes and data or increase your cap (up to your credit limit) 

Please note that optional extras, including add-ons and the paper billing charge (if you choose to set this up), get added to your monthly bill. They are not included in your cap amount.  

Can I use my phone abroad with a bill cap?

Yes, you can still use your phone abroad with a Bill Cap. If you're in one of our Inclusive Roaming destinations, you'll be able to use your inclusive allowances, as if you were at home. If you run out of an inclusive allowance, you'll be charged standard out-of-plan charges, up until you reach your Bill Cap. Alternatively you have purchase and Add-on for extra allowances.

If you're not in an Inclusive Roaming destination, you'll be charged for usage up until you reach your Bill Cap.

How to get a refund on your credit

If you feel like you are due a refund, you can get in touch with us via  Live Chat and one of our helpful assistants can process it for you.

Contact us about Bill Capping

If you have tried to adjust your Bill Cap via the iD Mobile app or My Account online and need more assistance, get in touch with us through Live Chat and one of our helpful agents will assist you. Our Live Chat team are available 9am-8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-6pm Saturday and Sunday. Opening times may change on bank holidays and public holidays.

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