Understanding your iD Mobile bill

  • 7 May 2021
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Your bill is refreshed every month, on the day of the month you started your plan. Here's everything you need to know about it.


How does my bill work?

You’ll receive a bill every month. Here's an example of how this works if you joined us on the 1st of the month:

  • Your first bill - You'll get your first bill on the 2nd of the month (the day after you joined)
  • Your future bills - You'll get future bills on the 1st of each month (the day you joined)
  • 14 days to pay - Payment is always due 14 days after the 'bill date' on your invoice

Your monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data will refresh at the beginning of each billing period (the day you joined). This date can’t be changed (unless you change your Direct Debit payment date).

Why do you bill me the day after I join?

As with most networks, we bill your monthly line rental in advance. This means you pay for the inclusive services (Minutes, Texts and Data) you receive for the month ahead.

What information is on my bill?

Your bill is split into easy-to-understand sections.

Account Details:

  • Account number - The unique reference code for your personal account. If you contact us with an account query, please quote this number so we can quickly access your details.
  • Your allowances - Your standard monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data.
  • Bill number - The unique reference code for this bill. If you contact us with a bill query, please quote this number so we can quickly access the details.

Payment Details:

  • Amount due - The total outstanding amount you need to pay.
  • Billing period - The length of time covered by this bill.
  • Direct Debit due - If you've set up a Direct Debit, the Amount due will automatically be taken from your bank account on the date shown. Find out more information on setting up a Direct Debit.

Bill Summary:

  • Monthly recurring charge - Your agreed monthly line rental, this will always be the same unless you change your plan.
  • UK - Your UK-based charges for this billing period. For more details, check your bill breakdown.
  • International - Charges for calling or texting abroad from the UK. For more details, check your bill breakdown.
  • Add-ons - This will be the name of any add-ons you have purchased this month, for example ‘200 extra minutes’.
  • Roaming - Charges for calling, texting or using data when you a) are roaming in a location that isn't one of our 50 inclusive roaming destinations, or b) incur out-of-bundle charges when you're roaming in one of our 50 inclusive roaming destinations (for example, if you run out of your minutes allowance and keep making calls to the UK). For more details, check your bill breakdown.
  • Total charges for this month - Your total charges for this billing period are made up of your line rental, plus any out-of-bundle charges.

Account Summary:

  • Balance from your previous invoice - The total outstanding amount you need to pay. It may include outstanding amounts from previous bills, late payment fees and other additional charges. Find out more information on call charges and add-on prices.

Total Amount Due:

The total outstanding amount that you need to pay for this billing period. It includes your line rental, along with any extra charges and outstanding payments that may apply.

Your Allowances:

A breakdown of how you've used your standard monthly allowances. Your 'Data Rollover' details are also included here. You'll see the amount of data you've rolled over from last month, and the data you're rolling into next month.

Your bill breakdown:

  • UK - Your UK-based charges for this billing period.
  • Mobile, national & local calls - A breakdown of all your mobile calls for this billing period. It includes details of the date, call duration and cost (if any).
  • Roaming - If you've used your phone abroad in this billing period, your calls texts and data usage will be listed here.
  • Non-geographic calls - Non-geographic calls consist of 08, 09 and 118 service numbers. The costs for these calls consist of an Access Charge and a Service Charge. The iD Access Charge is 30p, and the Service Charge is set by the organisation you're calling.

What happens if I change my plan or upgrade?

If you’ve changed your plan or upgraded in the middle of your billing cycle, your next bill will show how we’ve worked out your line rental and allowances.

Plan cost - You pay your line rental in advance, so you’ll have paid for a full month on your old plan but only used it for part of the month. And you’ll have used your new plan for the other part of the month. The amount you pay for both are worked out pro-rata.

Allowances - You retain the total allowances from your old plan, plus you get the pro-rated total from your new plan.

As stated, we charge you for your next month in advance, but when you upgrade your new plan starts straight away.


For example - let’s say your billing month runs from the 1st to the 31st and you upgrade your package on the 18th of the month.

  • You will be billed for the amount of days on your current package (the 1st to the 18th)
  • You will be credited the unused days on your current plan (the 19th- 31st)
  • You will be charged for the remaining days of your billing month on the new plan (19th – 31st)

This could mean the bill following your upgrade might be a little higher than usual.

If I leave iD Mobile, what should I expect on my final bill?

Your final bill will consist of your line-rental charge up until you’re disconnected, and any charges for chargeable usage right up until your disconnection date.

If you cancel your plan early you'll need to pay an early cancellation fee. The amount varies, depending on the type of plan and how early you want to cancel. It’ll be applied to your final balance.

If you receive a monthly bill after your cancellation request but before your disconnection date, you might be due a credit for any line rental you paid beyond your disconnection date. If so, it’ll be applied to your final balance.

If you’re due a refund, please contact us on Live Chat and we’ll process it for you. The team is available to answer chats 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

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